Accessibility for people with specific needs.

Mons en Lumières is concerned about people with specific needs and implements a series of actions to ensure a festival accessible to everyone.


  1. A close collaboration with Access-i:

Mons en Lumières partners with Access-i, an organization specialized in accessibility consulting. This collaboration aims to adapt the event to the diverse needs of the visitors, thereby guaranteeing a welcoming and inclusive experience.

  1. Proactive Assistance:

We offer assistance to people with specific needs. Would you like to benefit from it? Complete our online form or contact us directly by phone at: +32 (0) 65 33 55 80.

  1. Dedicated Arrangements:

Considerable efforts have been made to improve the reception of people with reduced mobility.

Specific reception areas 5 information points (white containers) are distributed along the entire route and included on the maps. Public benches along the circuit a team of volunteers (sensitized and trained in the reception of PMR and clearly identifiable by their red K-Way, yellow hat, and fluorescent yellow “volunteer accessibility” vest) is ready to offer personalized accompaniment to those who need it. Fill out our online form to benefit from it.

  1. Parking Facilities:

The festival provides parking reserved for PMR, with a capacity of 40-50 places, located at Rue Chisaire which is at the beginning of the route. The safety and accessibility of this parking are ensured by the presence of a security agent.

Would you like to benefit from accompaniment? Fill out our online form. You can also call +32 (0) 65 33 55 80 if you want more information.