Optimize Your Experience at Mons en Lumières: Mobility Tips

As Mons en Lumières is set to illuminate our city, it’s essential to plan your visit for a memorable experience. With busy streets and some pedestrian areas, here are some practical mobility tips.

Opt for Public Transport

With the lively downtown streets and others closed to traffic, public transport is your best option. It offers easy and stress-free access to the event, allowing you to fully immerse in the festive atmosphere without worrying about parking.

Whether by bus or train, everything is set up to enhance your experience during your visit. Specific transport options are available for the event.

All the Details:

By Train:

  • For Mons en Lumières, SNCB enhances its transport services to and from Mons to welcome you to our event from January 25-28 and February 1-4, 2024.
  • On Thursdays (20:30 – 22:19): 15 trains, 1,500 additional seats (= +23%), 8,000 seats available
  • On Fridays (20:30 – 22:19): 15 trains, 1,700 additional seats (= +28%), 7,850 seats available
  • On Saturdays (20:30 – 22:25): 12 trains, 2,300 additional seats (= +56%), 6,300 seats available
  • On Sundays (20:30 – 22:25): 12 trains, 1,600 additional seats (= +39%), 5,700 seats available

For more information and to order your ticket, visit the SNCB website.

By Bus:

  • Free buses: From 18h, benefit from free buses to get to the event location (to/from Mons).
  • Shuttles from Parking Grand Large: Convenient shuttles are available from the Grand Large parking, making access to the heart of the festivities easier.
  • Reinforced bus lines: Bus lines 6, 7, 14, 22, 50, and 82 will be reinforced in the evening around Mons to ensure smooth transportation.

For detailed information on schedules and routes, feel free to visit the letec.be page, which will soon be updated with all the necessary data.

Use Park and Ride Facilities

For those who prefer driving, consider the park and ride facilities located near downtown. They are designed to facilitate your access to the festivities, whether on foot, by bus, or bike. It’s a practical solution that will save you many minutes in traffic jams.

Several park and ride facilities are available around Mons:

  • Parking Mons Expo (Av. Thomas Edison 2, 7000 Mons)
  • Parking des Grand Près (Place des Grands Prés 1, 7000 Mons)
  • At Grand Large: TEC line 50 provides connections to the station every 15 minutes (Accessible from the N50 coming from Ghlin and the E19-E42 motorway, exit 24 Mons).
  • At Parking Saint-Fiacre, along the N90 Chaussée de Binche. Its proximity to downtown makes this parking easily accessible on foot.

These parking facilities allow you to park your car and easily get to downtown by bus, foot, or bike.

Indicative Travel Times to Reach the Grand-Place:

From the P+R at Chaussée de Binche (Carrefour Saint-Fiacre):

  • On foot: +/- 20 minutes (2 km)
  • By bike: +/- 7 minutes (2 km)
  • By bus: +/- 15 minutes (Combine lines U + City’O)

From the P+R at Grand-Large (Avenue de la Sapinette):

  • On foot: +/- 25 minutes (+/- 2 km)
  • By bike: +/- 11 minutes (3 km)
  • By bus:
    • To reach the station (line 50, +/- 10 minutes)
    • From the station: +/- 25 minutes (Lines City’R and City’O)

Plan Ahead

To make the most of Mons en Lumières, good planning is essential. Check the public transport schedules and park and ride locations before you leave. This will help you avoid inconveniences and maximize your time in the wonder of the lights.

Mons en Lumières is not just a light show; it’s an experience to be fully lived. By choosing smart mobility options, you contribute to making this event a sustainable and enjoyable success for everyone.