Google and Mons en Lumières: A Bright Collaboration Between Technology and Culture

The combination of advanced technology and culture is always a source of inspiration and innovation. This year, we are proud to count Google among our partners in the context of Mons en Lumières. The partnership with Google’s data center in Saint-Ghislain perfectly illustrates this fusion between technological progress and cultural celebration.

Google’s Ongoing Commitment in Saint-Ghislain

Google’s data center in Saint-Ghislain is more than just technological infrastructure. For over 15 years, Google has been heavily investing in this region, with a financial commitment exceeding 3 billion euros. But this investment is not limited to the material aspect.

Human and Local Investment

At the core of this commitment are the people. More than 400 employees work daily to maintain the operations of the data center campus. This significant human investment underscores the importance of local labor in the operation of these advanced facilities.

Community and Educational Contributions

Google also plays a key role in the local community through its “community grants” program. Numerous projects have been realized thanks to this support, enriching the social and educational life of the region. Examples include the partnership with Helha for a specific training program in engineering sciences related to data centers, and educational conferences in local schools.

A Word from the Partner

“Being present and supporting the first edition of Mons en Lumières was a natural choice for us, an original initiative that combines culture and the discovery of the beautiful city of Mons with the technology of enhancing sites and objects with light. What is interesting about these kinds of projects is the similarity to our work in data centers: invisible but necessary technology to achieve a final goal. In this particular case, an electrical infrastructure that highlights the artworks. In data centers, an entire range of technology is necessary so that our users have access to the services or tools available.”