Event launch with a poem by Robert Montgomery By Robert Montgomery

A one-time event on 25 January 2024 – 6:30pm

My city with windows of summer lightning whose church

Is an hourglass with bridges of Rollercoasters

My city whose ashtrays are swallows nests
And oxygen, whose parks

In the morning are gymnasiums of birds

Lighting on January 25, 2024 at 6:45 pm on Place Leopold.

Robert Montgomery’s Happening is the inaugural performance of Mons en Lumières. It is the burning of a poem written in honour both of the city of Mons, and of André Breton, the founder of Surrealism.

Montgomery’s fire poems are performances that bring, into a contemporary art context, a memory of the Celtic fire rituals that were practiced across Europe before The Reformation. In his burning

poems he attempts to reconnect with these ancient elemental celebrations of the seasons and the earth.

Place Léopold